Dwayne Kent Singleton On Raising Exotic Animals

Dwayne Kent Singleton, a nationally renowned Oil and Gas executive, is a life-long lover of wildlife. A native of San Antonio, Texas, Dwayne Kent Singleton grew up in Galveston, Texas, which is a coastal city located on the Galveston Island and the Pelican Island.

During his youth, Dwayne Kent Singleton participated in Billfish tournaments, an activity which he enjoyed as a fan of the ocean, and appreciated as a way to earn money for college.

Dwayne Kent Singleton’s appreciation of wildlife goes beyond sea dwelling fauna. For many years, Dwayne Kent Singleton was an avid hunter who enjoyed many aspects of the sport, such as breathing in the crisp fall air while awaiting a flock of mallards to come in view, or seeing thousands wild geese create various formations in the air.

Yet, when Dwayne Kent Singleton became a ranch owner, raising exotic animals, his interest in hunting never returned. Dwayne Kent Singleton says that owning a ranch was one of the most enjoyable experiences he’s ever had. At his ranch, Dwayne Kent Singleton raised a vast variety of exotic wildlife, including Aoudad Sheep, Zebras, Red Stag, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Sable Antelope, American Buffalo, Ibex, Kangaroos, and Peacocks.

Dwayne Kent Singleton says that he loves watching animals in nature, and while he may not be involved in the raising of exotic animals at this time, he still enjoys any opportunity to observe wildlife wherever he can, whether in his home state of Texas, or in his travels to numerous locations around the world, such as Cozumel, which is famous for scuba diving and snorkeling amid its shores with great numbers of exotic fish.


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