Surfing Tips From Dwayne Kent Singleton

Having grown up on Galveston Island, Dwayne Kent Singleton was frequently on the beach, participating in a number of ocean actives, especially surfing. According to Dwayne Kent Singleton, surfing is an excellent way to enjoy the water, not only, continues Dwayne Kent Singleton, because it’s an activity that can help you maintain your physical fitness, but also because it’s very fun and exciting.

Below, Dwayne Kent Singleton provides some information and advice about a few of the main aspects involved with surfing.

  • Choosing Waves:

When it comes to selecting an ideal wave to paddle into, says Dwayne Kent Singleton, one should be picky. If you paddle into any wave that might come across your surf board, you’ll be more likely to exert energy without obtaining a feasible wave to ride out on. Ideally, explains Dwayne Kent Singleton, a surfer will save strength by maintaining their position until finding a worthwhile wave.

  • Wiping Out:

Falling off of a surfboard while attempting to catch or ride a wave may not be ideal, but it is, according to Dwayne Kent Singleton, inevitable. Even the best surfers will wipe out every once in a while. While many people may think wiping out is harmless, Dwayne Kent Singleton adds that it can, in fact, be dangerous. Try to avoid injuries, broken boards, collisions, and worse be remaining vigilant at all times when surfing. Dwayne Kent Singleton recommends familiarizing yourself with the underwater terrain, and not surfing in areas that contain obstacles such as piers, rocks, etc.

Dwayne Kent Singleton summarizes, if you’re interested in surfing for the first time, it may be ideal to join a surfing group or take lessons with an experienced surfer.


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