Dwayne Kent Singleton On Endangered Animals

Dwayne Kent Singleton is a leading expert and professional in the Oil and Gas industry. With more than 30 years of experience as an expert in Land Acquisition, Project Finance, Energy Project Analysis and Investing, Dwayne Kent Singleton is among the nation’s most successful Industry professionals.

After graduating from Texas State University at Austin, Dwayne Kent Singleton attended numerous courses at the University of Texas Petroleum Extension, which is headquartered at the J.J. Pickle Research Campus in North Austin.

Dwayne Kent Singleton has been an advocate of wildlife preservation for many years. Previously an avid hunter, Dwayne Kent Singleton owned a ranch where he raised exotic and rare animals, such as Scimitar Horned Oryx, Sable Antelope, Zebras, Red Stag, Aoudad Sheep, Peacocks, American Buffalo, Ibex, and Kangaroos. Since owning his ranch, Dwayne Kent Singleton has not had any interest in hunting.

Dwayne Kent Singleton believes that all species should be treasured. He has been a major believer in wildlife preservation for many years. Some of the fauna that Dwayne Kent Singleton raised at his ranch are totally extinct in the wild.

The Scimitar Oryx is no longer present in its natural habitat, says Dwayne Kent Singleton (who raised these animals at his ranch), but formerly, he continues, Scimitar Oryx inhabited every part of North Africa.

One of the many types of exotic animals that are members of the endangered species, Dwayne Kent Singleton says that Scimitar Oryx became extinct, in large part, as a result of hunting.

Dwayne Kent Singleton says that one of the many ways in which you can support endangered animals is to visit a local zoo or wildlife sanctuary.


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