Dwayne Kent Singleton On Why Texas State University Is a Top Pick

Dwayne Kent Singleton is a proud graduate of Texas State University in San Marcos, which is commonly referred to as Texas State. Dwayne Kent Singleton has gone on from his studies at Texas State University to lead a highly successful career in the Oil and Gas industry, having developed extensive expertise in the areas of Land Acquisition, Project Finance, Energy Project Analysis and Investing, and many other areas within the Industry.

A native of San Antonio, Texas, Dwayne Kent Singleton grew up on Galveston Island, Texas. As a student of Texas State, Dwayne Kent Singleton earned money for tuition and other college expenses such as food, housing, and books, by participating in Billfish tournaments aboard several yachts in the United States and Mexico.

At Texas State, Dwayne Kent Singleton earned his Bachelors of Arts degree in Economics, and after doing so, immediately began taking training courses related to the Oil and Gas realm.

Dwayne Kent Singleton wants you to know that Texas State University in San Marcos is an excellent school that offers its students a wide-range of top-notch resources.

Texas State was established in 1903, having a total of just 303 students.

Today, according to Dwayne Kent Singleton, Texas State University is the 5th largest university in Texas and has over 34,000 students enrolled. The university offers 10 colleges and 50 departments and schools focusing on a vast array of subjects and disciplines.

For those considering different colleges or universities, Dwayne Kent Singleton recommends Texas State University due to its expansive array of 97 bachelor programs, 87 master programs, and 12 doctoral programs.


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