Dwayne Kent Singleton On The Importance of Education

Dwayne Kent Singleton is a leading professional in the Oil and Gas industry. Dwayne Kent Singleton has extensive expertise in many facets of the Industry, including Energy Project Analysis and Investment, Land Acquisition, Project Finance, and more.

Dwayne Kent Singleton has worked at numerous companies operating in the Oil and Gas arena, including J.E. Carter Energy, Interdiscount Ltd., Midcon Offshore Company, Inc., and the Millennium Offshore Group. Dwayne Kent Singleton is currently a Member of Primrose Petroleum LLC.

Widely renowned for his vast professional achievements, Dwayne Kent Singleton attributes much of his success to his education.

Dwayne Kent Singleton knew that education would be a vital and important asset for his career in the Oil and Gas industry, and he worked through college on several yachts where he fished in Billfish tournaments to help pay for his tuition.

Dwayne Kent Singleton believes that the most important thing you can do to better your career is to obtain a quality education. Dwayne Kent Singleton graduated from Texas State University in 1984, and shortly afterwards, he attended numerous courses at the University of Texas Petroleum Extension. Knowing that he wanted a career in the Oil and Gas arena since studying economics at Texas State, after graduating from University, Dwayne Kent Singleton attended Offshore Spill School in Galveston, Texas (his hometown), and entered Well Control Training at Wild Well.

Through his highly successful career in the Oil and Gas industry, Dwayne Kent Singleton provides an excellent example of how dedication to education can equate to greater career success in not only the Oil and Gas industry, but in many others, as well.


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