Dwayne Kent Singleton: An Exemplary Career

Dwayne Kent Singleton is a 1984 graduate of Texas State University, where he took a degree in Economics. Since then, Dwayne Kent Singleton has gone on to an exemplary career in the oil and gas industry, where he has specialized in Land Acquisition, Project Finance, Energy Project Analysis, and Investing.

Dwayne Kent Singleton has never stopped trying to improve himself. He believes that the only way to live up to your full potential is to never stop learning. In the years since graduating from Texas State, he has studied Petroleum Engineering at the University of Texas Petroleum Extension, where he received Log Analysis and Well Completion training, and has taken various classes related to his work, including courses at the Offshore Spill School in Galveston.

Dwayne Kent Singleton began his professional career in the 1980’s. He spent two years as the Land Manager for J.E. Carter Energy. He later packaged Energy loans for Oil and Gas drilling programs through various banks. He did that at Interdiscount Ltd., where he worked from 1986 until 1988.

In 1989, Dwayne Kent Singleton became the Vice President at the Midcon Offshore Company. His responsibilities included managing projects, some of which involved setting up drilling and completions operation on more than two hundred wells in the Bend Arch and Fort Worth basins.

From the Midcon Offshore Company, Dwayne Kent Singleton launched his own venture called the Millennium Offshore Group. Millenium Offshore was formed after Dwayne Kent Singleton acquired 31 blocks in the Outer Continental Shelf in the Gulf of Mexico. As a Board Member and President of Millennium Offshore Group, Dwayne Kent Singleton and his team evaluated and judged decommissioning costs, which allowed Millennium Offshore Group to utilize low capital entry costs via low interest surety bonds.


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