Dwayne Kent Singleton: Surfing In Galveston

Dwayne Kent Singleton is an oil and gas professional from League City, Texas. He recently joined with Primrose Petroleum LLC, and Primrose Resources LLC. He was the Board Member and President of the Millennium Offshore Group from 1999 to 2013.

Dwayne Kent Singleton was born in San Antonio, Texas, but grew up in Galveston on the Gulf coast. Growing up there has left him with a lifelong love of the ocean, and activities like surfing and sailing. He worked his way through college on several yachts, fishing in bill fish tournaments in the United States and Mexico.

To people who haven’t been there, it may be surprising that surfing in Galveston is popular, because the Texas coast has a reputation for producing small waves and an inconsistent surf. But as Dwayne Kent Singleton knows, there is an expression there in the surfing community: “If you can surf in Galveston, you can surf anywhere!”

By that, they mean that it’s hard to surf there because of those small waves. There are good places for surfing, as Dwayne Kent Singleton knows from experience. But surfers there tend to downplay the good areas so they can keep the best places to themselves.

Dwayne Kent Singleton can remember times when a storm system has entered the Gulf of Mexico and produced days of good-sized waves that rival the surf anywhere. He thinks that because they have to pay close attention to the constantly changing weather conditions in order to get a big payoff, Galveston surfers are probably some of the most committed in the world.


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