Dwayne Kent Singleton: Yours, Mine, and Ours

Dwayne Kent Singleton is an oil and gas professional, and a Texan through-and-through. He was born in San Antonio, grew up on the Gulf coast in Galveston, and today lives in League City, part of the greater Houston area.

Dwayne Kent Singleton is happily married. It is the second marriage for both he and his wife, and the two of them are very much in love. But the marriage brought some special challenges to the two of them. “My wife and I have six boys between us,” Dwayne Kent Singleton says. “We are both previously married and each had three boys. We literally are the Brady bunch!”

Dwayne Kent Singleton knows that in many ways he and his wife are lucky, because second marriages can sometimes bring out unexpected stresses, especially if children are involved. He has learned that issues like that, such as being a step parent, can usually be resolved with patience and good will. And there are benefits, too, especially as the kids get older, as Dwayne Kent Singleton explained. “Now we have an wonderful and amazing Grandson.”

Rounding out their family, Dwayne Kent Singleton and his wife have dogs: “Two Great Danes who are lovable and goofy,” he says. But even though they are sweethearts, the Great Danes have been a lot of work. Even as puppies, a Great Dane are big enough to knock things over accidentally, and once they grow up they can be like bulls in a china shop. Dwayne Kent Singleton knows that while they may seem imposing to those who don’t know better, Great Danes tend to be gentle giants who make great pets.


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