Dwayne Kent Singleton: A Look Into the Attractions of Cozumel

Dwayne Kent Singleton, a lifelong fanatic of water activities and a native of Galveston Island, Texas, believes that Cozumel is his favorite place on Earth. Cozumel boasts a wide variety of activities for an individual with the inclination to be out in nature.

As Dwayne Kent Singleton is well-familiarized with, Cozumel is host to a bounty of beautiful beaches that are attractive to divers and sunbathers alike. Mild waters surround the island and make it a coveted destination for divers of all skill levels. The adventurous diver will find themselves face to face with colorful coral and a whole world of marine life. The more melancholy beach-goer will find themselves chained to the beautiful white sands and radiant sunshine that hangs over the island. It’s clear upon stepping foot on Cozumel that it offers satisfaction to water lovers of all types.

A trip to Cozumel, says Dwayne Kent Singleton, is not complete until you visit the Mayan ruins at Tulum. These ruins, which have the knack for transporting you back through time instantly, are testimony to a great civilization that once dominated the region and put its print on the people of Cozumel for generations to come. Extravagant temples once rose above the jungle canopy and it is not difficult for the modern explorer to gain an idea of how it would have looked.

Dwayne Kent Singleton has been drawn back to Cozumel for years and years yet he says he would be surprised if he ever experienced one day that was identical to the last. Such is the power of the majestic island of Cozumel.


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