Dwayne Kent Singleton: The Joy of Raising Animals

Dwayne Kent Singleton has raised a host of animals over the course of his lifetime; American Bison, Oryx, Zebras, Red Stag, Aoudad Sheep, Ibex, Kangaroos, and Sable Antelope. Dwayne Kent Singleton is a big proponent of the benefits that raising animals can offer.

While raising exotic animals sounds like more work than it is worth, Dwayne Kent Singleton assures if you are able to research which animals are native to similar habitats as your homeland then most of the pains and costs of raising animals will be alleviated. Before embarking on his endeavor to raise exotic animals Dwayne Kent Singleton researched which animals would be able to survive and thrive in his homeland of Texas. The American Bison, for instance is an extremely hardy and disease-resistance animal that is able to flourish in most American habitats. The Kangaroo is native to the dry deserts of Australia, which bear striking similarities to the arid deserts of Texas. Being aware of the natural environments (climate, soil, natural predators, weather) of the animals you are considering to raise will help you make the right decision.

One of the greatest joys that Dwayne Kent Singleton derives from raising animals is the opportunity to witness and protect animals that are endangered in their natural habitats. Dwayne Kent Singleton has raised Schimitar Horned Oryx before; this species is no longer found in the wild so the work that Dwayne Kent Singleton did literally helped ensure an entire animal species was able to remain around for future generations to enjoy.

As is evident, the joys of raising exotic animals far outweigh the associated costs, joys that Dwayne Kent Singleton has been lucky enough to experience.


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