Dwayne Kent Singleton: Why Texas Is the Best State in the Nation

Dwayne Kent Singleton was born in San Antonio, grew up on Galveston Island, and now lives in League City. Texas has been the place where he has paved a successful career in the oil and gas industries and is obviously where his heart lies. Home to the sprawling metropolises that are Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio as well as many miles of beautiful coastline and other habitats, Dwayne Kent Singleton believes that Texas would be everybody’s favorite state if they were as familiar with it as him.

One of Dwayne Kent Singleton’s favorite attractions in Texas is South by Southwest; a set of film and music festivals that takes place every year. This festival has grown into one of the premiere music festivals in the nation and draws in thousands of fans to witness some of the most talented and popular artists.

Another reason Dwayne Kent Singleton believes both the dreamer and scientist alike will find Texas to be their favorite state is it is one of the aerospace capitols of the world. It is home to two of the world’s busiest airports, 15 active military bases, two international airlines, and NASA’s famed Johnson Space Center. If one is looking to be involved with airspace travel in any capacity then Texas is the location to begin in the States.

Dwayne Kent Singleton also loves Texas because of the natural beauties it has to offer. In addition to a slew of breathtaking mountain ranges, rivers, and lakes, Texas houses the Gypsum Dunes which is the second largest salt field dune in continental America. The surrounding area boasts over 400 animals species and the tallest point in Texas, Guadalupe Peak.


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