Dwayne Kent Singleton: Best Places to Surf In America

Dwayne Kent Singleton, who spent his childhood on Galveston Island, Texas, has developed and nurtured a love for water-related activities that encompasses surfing in its epicenter. With a lifetime of surfing experience under his belt, Dwayne Kent Singleton has compiled a list of surfing spots he believes as the best America has to offer.

One of these places is Santa Cruz, California. This point along the Californian coast draws in a lot of the swell created by the North Atlantic and conjures possibly the biggest waves in the United States, outside of Hawaii. For this reason it is a spot of experienced surfers and even the most seasoned of them would be well-advised to bring multiple boards that can cater to different scenarios.

Another of the best places to surf in America is located in California, says Dwayne Kent Singleton; Huntington Beach. Dwayne Kent Singleton says that this is a necessary inclusion in any compilation because it hosts the U.S. Surfing Championship, which is the largest surfing competition in the country. Huntington Beach gained its notoriety as a hotbed for American Surfing due to the 8.5 miles of prime surfing opportunity it offers. The beach is still considered as the center of American surfing culture.

Dwayne Kent Singleton suggests that the avid surfer also checks out Kill Devil Hills, located in North Carolina. Here a surfer can enjoy a less crowded atmosphere yet still gain access to an endless supply of big waves. For anyone east of the Mississippi it also might be an easier beach to reach economically.


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