Dwayne Kent Singleton: Things to Consider When Purchasing A Sailboat

Dwayne Kent Singleton, who grew up on Galveston Island, was hooked on to water-related activities at an early age and has never been let go. A water-related activity of particular interest to Dwayne Kent Singleton is sailing, which he says combines the relaxation of a walk in the park with the calm concentration of a machinist. Purchasing a sailboat, says Dwayne Kent Singleton, is a long-term investment so should be done with immense care for the exact type of sailboat that will suit you best.

The first thing to examine when purchasing a sailboat, states Dwayne Kent Singleton, is whether it is built for the deep sea or lakes and coastal waters. A deep-sea sailboat is fashioned to keep you safe for storms and other dangers that might crop up unexpectedly so it usually runs more expensive. If you are planning on only using your sailboat on lakes and in coastal waters Dwayne Kent Singleton believes you would be wiser spending that extra money on a larger sailboat or one that more accommodates comfort.

Another factor to consider is whether you would like to buy a new or used boat. Dwayne Kent Singleton says that a new boat is attractive for all the obvious reasons but that you will need to purchase all the necessary add-ons that a used boat may already come equipped with. There is a fine line, however, that you should be wary of crossing in which a used boat might have add-ons that are nearing the end of their productive life.

Dwayne Kent Singleton believes a sailboat is an object that will pay for itself many times over in the course of its lifetime. It will act as a second home and in some cases it could gain the ranking of first home. As long as you remain diligent with finding the right fit then you will be able to enjoy the waters for many years to come.


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