Dwayne Kent Singleton: Travel Preparation

Any international trip will generally require an extensive amount of preparation. As experienced international traveler Dwayne Kent Singleton knows, equipping yourself with an extensive amount of information, the proper documentation and any necessary supplies is essential to keeping both yourself and your family both protected and prepared for the potential obstacles and dangers of any international excursion.

Dwayne Kent Singleton wants you to enjoy your next traveling adventure as much as possible, which is why he provides several tidbits of advice any prospective traveler should consider before embarkation.

Proper Vaccinations

Certain regions and countries throughout the world require visitors to have received specific vaccinations before entry. Dwayne Kent Singleton recommends researching your destination’s travel restrictions and qualifications to determine what vaccines may be required before you and your family may enter the country of choice.


Though not a prerequisite for international travel, travel insurance can be a handy thing to have before embarking on your next vacation. Generally inexpensive and easy to obtain, says Dwayne Kent Singleton, travel insurance can help to protect you during any unforeseen medical emergency, potential trip cancellations or lost baggage scenarios.


If you or a family member requires medication on a regular basis, says Dwayne Kent Singleton, be sure you are equipped with enough, or perhaps even more than enough, medication before you leave. Finding the proper medication in a foreign country can be a tricky proposition, particularly with the barriers of language and potential costs. Avoid the potential nightmare of shopping for prescriptions by overstocking your luggage with an abundance of the required medication.


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