Dwayne Kent Singleton: Why Texas Is the Best State in the Nation

Dwayne Kent Singleton was born in San Antonio, grew up on Galveston Island, and now lives in League City. Texas has been the place where he has paved a successful career in the oil and gas industries and is obviously where his heart lies. Home to the sprawling metropolises that are Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio as well as many miles of beautiful coastline and other habitats, Dwayne Kent Singleton believes that Texas would be everybody’s favorite state if they were as familiar with it as him.

One of Dwayne Kent Singleton’s favorite attractions in Texas is South by Southwest; a set of film and music festivals that takes place every year. This festival has grown into one of the premiere music festivals in the nation and draws in thousands of fans to witness some of the most talented and popular artists.

Another reason Dwayne Kent Singleton believes both the dreamer and scientist alike will find Texas to be their favorite state is it is one of the aerospace capitols of the world. It is home to two of the world’s busiest airports, 15 active military bases, two international airlines, and NASA’s famed Johnson Space Center. If one is looking to be involved with airspace travel in any capacity then Texas is the location to begin in the States.

Dwayne Kent Singleton also loves Texas because of the natural beauties it has to offer. In addition to a slew of breathtaking mountain ranges, rivers, and lakes, Texas houses the Gypsum Dunes which is the second largest salt field dune in continental America. The surrounding area boasts over 400 animals species and the tallest point in Texas, Guadalupe Peak.


Dwayne Kent Singleton: The Plight of the Scimitar Horned Oryx

The Scimitar Horned Oryx is a beautiful animal that is native to the deserts of Egypt, Chad, and Senegal. Unfortunately the Oryx is now completely extinct in the wild due to large herds of domesticated cattle grazing on their vegetation, over-hunting for their coats, climate change, and the encroachment of human settlements into their habitat. Dwayne Kent Singleton, a successful oil and gas professional from Texas, has raised Scimitar Horned Oryx in the past and is a witness to the beauty of this rare animal.

The tragedy of the Scimitar Horned Oryx is they went from plentiful to extinct in the wild within a matter of decades. Thankfully the work of individuals like Dwayne Kent Singleton and zoos has maintained a population of the Oryx that is able to slowly be released back into the wild.

Dwayne Kent Singleton, a native of Texas, loves this animal because of the survivalist traits they possess to flourish in the harshest of deserts. One of these traits is the ability to increase their body temperature to 116 degrees Fahrenheit which allows them to conserve water by reducing sweating. In the hostile deserts common to Africa and the American Southwest a source of water is the difference between life and death.

As is the case with most endangered or extinct animals, the Scimitar Horned Oryx possesses a quality that is appeasing to the human eye; a beautiful set of twisted ivory antlers. Dwayne Kent Singleton has had the chance to interact with these animals and explains that he is extremely grateful to have been integral to the survival of this species.

Dwayne Kent Singleton: The Joy of Raising Animals

Dwayne Kent Singleton has raised a host of animals over the course of his lifetime; American Bison, Oryx, Zebras, Red Stag, Aoudad Sheep, Ibex, Kangaroos, and Sable Antelope. Dwayne Kent Singleton is a big proponent of the benefits that raising animals can offer.

While raising exotic animals sounds like more work than it is worth, Dwayne Kent Singleton assures if you are able to research which animals are native to similar habitats as your homeland then most of the pains and costs of raising animals will be alleviated. Before embarking on his endeavor to raise exotic animals Dwayne Kent Singleton researched which animals would be able to survive and thrive in his homeland of Texas. The American Bison, for instance is an extremely hardy and disease-resistance animal that is able to flourish in most American habitats. The Kangaroo is native to the dry deserts of Australia, which bear striking similarities to the arid deserts of Texas. Being aware of the natural environments (climate, soil, natural predators, weather) of the animals you are considering to raise will help you make the right decision.

One of the greatest joys that Dwayne Kent Singleton derives from raising animals is the opportunity to witness and protect animals that are endangered in their natural habitats. Dwayne Kent Singleton has raised Schimitar Horned Oryx before; this species is no longer found in the wild so the work that Dwayne Kent Singleton did literally helped ensure an entire animal species was able to remain around for future generations to enjoy.

As is evident, the joys of raising exotic animals far outweigh the associated costs, joys that Dwayne Kent Singleton has been lucky enough to experience.

Dwayne Kent Singleton: Future of Oil in America

Dwayne Kent Singleton, a successful oil and gas professional who has been in the business for years, says that the recent boom in America’s oil production will be beneficial for the American economy as a whole.

America’s crude oil production rose for three consecutive years between 2009-2011, the first time America has experienced such a streak of improvement since the early 1980’s; this increase came right as experts forecast that the age of American oil growth is over. Dwayne Kent Singleton that this will come as a pleasant surprise.

Dwayne Kent Singleton states that this increase will help the American economy in a number of ways. First, it will contribute towards the reduction of our trade deficit as growing economies such as China, India, and Brazil import oil to fuel their economies. These countries are transitioning from underdeveloped to developed and the level of investment that is needed will keep demand for oil extremely buoyant. The reduction of our trade deficit will go a long ways towards reducing the national debt that we are currently experiencing.

The increase in oil production will also, says Dwayne Kent Singleton, help the American economy by employing more workers in the oil industry. America has been extremely sluggish in returning employment to its pre-2008 recession level so it is obvious that growth in employment is a big concern for the American economy. As more workers become employed and begin contributing to the national GDP we will see positive ripples emerge throughout the economy and the government’s burdened will be further lessened, says Dwayne Kent Singleton.

Dwayne Kent Singleton: A Look Into the Attractions of Cozumel

Dwayne Kent Singleton, a lifelong fanatic of water activities and a native of Galveston Island, Texas, believes that Cozumel is his favorite place on Earth. Cozumel boasts a wide variety of activities for an individual with the inclination to be out in nature.

As Dwayne Kent Singleton is well-familiarized with, Cozumel is host to a bounty of beautiful beaches that are attractive to divers and sunbathers alike. Mild waters surround the island and make it a coveted destination for divers of all skill levels. The adventurous diver will find themselves face to face with colorful coral and a whole world of marine life. The more melancholy beach-goer will find themselves chained to the beautiful white sands and radiant sunshine that hangs over the island. It’s clear upon stepping foot on Cozumel that it offers satisfaction to water lovers of all types.

A trip to Cozumel, says Dwayne Kent Singleton, is not complete until you visit the Mayan ruins at Tulum. These ruins, which have the knack for transporting you back through time instantly, are testimony to a great civilization that once dominated the region and put its print on the people of Cozumel for generations to come. Extravagant temples once rose above the jungle canopy and it is not difficult for the modern explorer to gain an idea of how it would have looked.

Dwayne Kent Singleton has been drawn back to Cozumel for years and years yet he says he would be surprised if he ever experienced one day that was identical to the last. Such is the power of the majestic island of Cozumel.

Dwayne Kent Singleton: Yours, Mine, and Ours

Dwayne Kent Singleton is an oil and gas professional, and a Texan through-and-through. He was born in San Antonio, grew up on the Gulf coast in Galveston, and today lives in League City, part of the greater Houston area.

Dwayne Kent Singleton is happily married. It is the second marriage for both he and his wife, and the two of them are very much in love. But the marriage brought some special challenges to the two of them. “My wife and I have six boys between us,” Dwayne Kent Singleton says. “We are both previously married and each had three boys. We literally are the Brady bunch!”

Dwayne Kent Singleton knows that in many ways he and his wife are lucky, because second marriages can sometimes bring out unexpected stresses, especially if children are involved. He has learned that issues like that, such as being a step parent, can usually be resolved with patience and good will. And there are benefits, too, especially as the kids get older, as Dwayne Kent Singleton explained. “Now we have an wonderful and amazing Grandson.”

Rounding out their family, Dwayne Kent Singleton and his wife have dogs: “Two Great Danes who are lovable and goofy,” he says. But even though they are sweethearts, the Great Danes have been a lot of work. Even as puppies, a Great Dane are big enough to knock things over accidentally, and once they grow up they can be like bulls in a china shop. Dwayne Kent Singleton knows that while they may seem imposing to those who don’t know better, Great Danes tend to be gentle giants who make great pets.

Dwayne Kent Singleton: Tips On Traveling

Dwayne Kent Singleton is an oil and gas professional. He has worked as a top executive for many different companies in the petroleum industry, and has overseen energy projects all over the world.

Dwayne Kent Singleton is a 1984 graduate from Texas State University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics. Right after graduation he attended several training courses at the University of Texas at Austin’s Petroleum Extension, headquartered at the University’s J.J. Pickle Research Campus in North Austin. After that he received training in Well Control at the Offshore Spill School in Galveston, Texas and Wild Well.

When he isn’t working, Dwayne Kent Singleton loves to travel, and he has a lot of experience doing it. Some of his favorite destinations are in Europe, including Italy and the United Kingdom. He is also very fond of Mexico, which has his all-time favorite place, Cozumel. “I have been going there since I was sixteen and of the places in the world it is still my favorite,” he says. “We go several times a year and take our family.”

When it comes to getting the most out of one’s travels, Dwayne Kent Singleton has a lot of experience to draw on, and he has some useful tips for others.

It is always a good idea to pack light, Dwayne Kent Singleton says. Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, packing light is ideal. It’s easy to end up bringing too much stuff with you, he says, which weights down your baggage and leaves you with more stuff to carry than you really need.

Dwayne Kent Singleton also recommends making wise decisions about how you handle your money. Having a strategy for making purchases, knowledge of exchange rates and card fees, can be highly advantageous, he says.

Dwayne Kent Singleton: Surfing In Galveston

Dwayne Kent Singleton is an oil and gas professional from League City, Texas. He recently joined with Primrose Petroleum LLC, and Primrose Resources LLC. He was the Board Member and President of the Millennium Offshore Group from 1999 to 2013.

Dwayne Kent Singleton was born in San Antonio, Texas, but grew up in Galveston on the Gulf coast. Growing up there has left him with a lifelong love of the ocean, and activities like surfing and sailing. He worked his way through college on several yachts, fishing in bill fish tournaments in the United States and Mexico.

To people who haven’t been there, it may be surprising that surfing in Galveston is popular, because the Texas coast has a reputation for producing small waves and an inconsistent surf. But as Dwayne Kent Singleton knows, there is an expression there in the surfing community: “If you can surf in Galveston, you can surf anywhere!”

By that, they mean that it’s hard to surf there because of those small waves. There are good places for surfing, as Dwayne Kent Singleton knows from experience. But surfers there tend to downplay the good areas so they can keep the best places to themselves.

Dwayne Kent Singleton can remember times when a storm system has entered the Gulf of Mexico and produced days of good-sized waves that rival the surf anywhere. He thinks that because they have to pay close attention to the constantly changing weather conditions in order to get a big payoff, Galveston surfers are probably some of the most committed in the world.

Dwayne Kent Singleton: The Attractions Of Cozumel

Dwayne Kent Singleton loves to travel, and says that while he enjoys Europe and all that it has to offer, his still loves Cozumel the best. “I have been going there since I was sixteen,” he says, “and of the places in the world it is still my favorite.”

Cozumel is part of Mexico. It is an island in the Caribbean Sea, off the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. As Dwayne Kent Singleton knows, it is one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations.

Cozumel is a mostly flat island, and as Dwayne Kent Singleton has learned from his many trips there, it is mostly covered in jungle. The old warning, “Don’t drink the water,” is a good one to remember, too. Whenever Dwayne Kent Singleton and his wife travel to Cozumel, they are sure to drink bottled water, which most of the local inhabitants do, too.

One of the most extraordinary attractions for many visitors to Cozumel are its many Mayan ruins, which are scattered all over the island. Some of these ruins have been excavated, and some have not. Some of the better known excavated or partly excavated Mayan ruins are San Gervasio, Castillo Real and El Cedral. Dwayne Kent Singleton says that visiting some of these ruins can give you a sense of what the ancient Mayan history and culture must have been like.

When he isn’t traveling to Cozumel or some other great vacation destination, Dwayne Kent Singleton is an oil and gas professional from League City, Texas.

Dwayne Kent Singleton: An Exemplary Career

Dwayne Kent Singleton is a 1984 graduate of Texas State University, where he took a degree in Economics. Since then, Dwayne Kent Singleton has gone on to an exemplary career in the oil and gas industry, where he has specialized in Land Acquisition, Project Finance, Energy Project Analysis, and Investing.

Dwayne Kent Singleton has never stopped trying to improve himself. He believes that the only way to live up to your full potential is to never stop learning. In the years since graduating from Texas State, he has studied Petroleum Engineering at the University of Texas Petroleum Extension, where he received Log Analysis and Well Completion training, and has taken various classes related to his work, including courses at the Offshore Spill School in Galveston.

Dwayne Kent Singleton began his professional career in the 1980’s. He spent two years as the Land Manager for J.E. Carter Energy. He later packaged Energy loans for Oil and Gas drilling programs through various banks. He did that at Interdiscount Ltd., where he worked from 1986 until 1988.

In 1989, Dwayne Kent Singleton became the Vice President at the Midcon Offshore Company. His responsibilities included managing projects, some of which involved setting up drilling and completions operation on more than two hundred wells in the Bend Arch and Fort Worth basins.

From the Midcon Offshore Company, Dwayne Kent Singleton launched his own venture called the Millennium Offshore Group. Millenium Offshore was formed after Dwayne Kent Singleton acquired 31 blocks in the Outer Continental Shelf in the Gulf of Mexico. As a Board Member and President of Millennium Offshore Group, Dwayne Kent Singleton and his team evaluated and judged decommissioning costs, which allowed Millennium Offshore Group to utilize low capital entry costs via low interest surety bonds.